The Common Problems with Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s the real deal – and just like all industries, it’s rapidly evolving. If you don’t keep up with the pace, you will lose relevance. But more importantly, you could go out of business.

The magic ingredient to a good social media strategy is content. Yes, great content is king. And if you publish great content consistently, then you are sure to build your customer interaction.

Great content is a huge piece of the puzzle, but it’s not everything – sometimes, the problem lies in factors beyond your control. In this guide, you will discover the common problems with social media marketing, and how to overcome them.

1. Facebook Algorithm Changes

With over 2.85 billion monthly active users, Facebook is arguably the most powerful social media platform on the planet. The platform changes algorithms every now and then and these changes tend to disrupt organic reach on the platform.

Facebook algorithm changes can cause lots of damage to business owners. A decreased organic reach translates to lower visibility. This will, in turn, affect your business.

You need to focus on producing quality content. Quality content is conversion-driven. And users tend to interact more with such content. If you focus on quality content, you will most likely boost your engagement level. This will, in turn, lead to more shares, and the content will appear more on people’s newsfeeds.

You should also consider running Facebook ads. Targeted Facebook Ads puts your brand right in front of your ideal audience.

2. Identifying the right platform

Nowadays, there are lots of marketing trends that are popping up every day – influencer marketing, Augmented Reality, live video streaming, AI marketing, and lots more. Keeping up with these trends is not a walk in the park.

If you understand who your customers are, you can focus on marketing channels that work for them. If your customers are found more on Instagram, then channelling your energy into Instagram marketing is probably the best use of your time. Investing in the wrong platform can exhaust your budget, especially if you regularly use paid adverts. Instagram is great for influencers, Twitter is your best bet to establish a personal connection. To find out more about which channel is best for you, we can help build your social marketing strategy.

3. Increasing Ad Costs

Advertising costs on social media channels are increasing and competition is high, so it it getting harder to make your budget work for you. There are many different ad formats and placements that you can choose from, especially on Facebook. Returns from advertising are directly measurable so you can see instantly if your advertising is working for you. They can also be highly targeted so if you have a niche audience this could be a good route to reach your customers more effectively and efficiently.

To help identify which social media platforms could help your business and if you would like some help setting up a new social media platform or creating content for your existing platforms please get in touch today.