Improve web conversion rates

improve web conversion

It’s common knowledge that the success of your website is shown through your conversion rate.

Add more call-to-actions

You might get a decent amount of traffic to your website, but if none of these convert into actual customers, your SEO, social media marketing and all of your sales-driven techniques are wasted. Opportunities to convert are limited when you provide minimal call-to-action measures. You need multiple call-to-actions. Place them throughout your site and ensure that they are prominent. You could also experiment with different calls to action, vary the position on the page and try a different colour button with different text.

Experiment with Landing Page layout, content and style

Landing pages give enough information to motivate users to want to convert and gently guide them in that direction. Your content, layout, style and functionality are all a part of this. A page with too much content may confuse users but a page without enough content might not motivate them to convert. Experiment with the position of page elements and vary the text and images.

Speed up loading time

When your website takes longer than three seconds to load, the majority of your visitors will become impatient and exit your website to find an alternative. Look for factors that might be slowing you down like broken links, large images and mobile incompatibility, and increase your loading speed so your visitors will always return.

Include testimonials, reviews, and accreditation’s

Trust is a major factor for conversion, but you have to earn that trust–especially with new users. Include any user reviews or testimonials that you have received. If you have any accreditations or are affiliated to any groups, then also add them to your homepage to show you are a trusted brand.

Guarantee usability on all devices

If your website does not translate consistently over multiple devices like mobile and tablet, visitors may be unable to easily navigate and find what they are looking for. Make sure that your website is optimised to all devices, as well as all browsers.

Use strong action words in your headlines

The strength of your headline can make or break the conversion, as it’s usually the first thing people see. You only have a handful of words to make your product (or company) seem as compelling as possible. Use strong action words and concise, straightforward language to make a clear, unique value proposition.

Keep it simple

Don’t go overboard with flamboyant or flashy designs. You don’t need popup ads or flashing images to make a good case for conversion. In fact, these things will probably turn most users away. The simpler your design and offers are, the more likely your customers will be willing to convert.

Focus your web copy

You should read through all of your web copy to see if it makes sense and is readable for your customer; you might be able to understand it, but your customer may not. Make sure that you put your message across in a simple, but compelling, manner so they can grasp what your business is about and how it can benefit them.