Current Web Design Trends for 2019

website design trends in 2019

With the rise of mobile devices and Google basically dictating standards, responsive and mobile-friendly websites are becoming more important in web design than ever before.

The home page is the first thing a visitor sees – a landing page that says everything about your business as fast as a person’s eyes can scan the screen. A good home page can be a portfolio in itself! Use this to catch your visitors and impress them.

Video Content

Dynamic video or integrated animation is also on the rise with many homepages now opening on a video sequence to capture the audience from the outset and keep them on the website for longer.


Speed is still of the essence, sometimes, thinking about ways to speed up your site can do much more for the user experience than worrying about colour palettes and themes. Investing time and money into providing the smoothest possible experience to the end user is where the focus should be.

Website speed and responsiveness are important ranking factors on Google, which means that many sites doing SEO certainly have to solve this issue if they want to rank high.

Font Style

Depending on the industry, bold type is also going to be a prominent trend as it adds a dramatic punch to the page, and is easily implementable.

Text Length

When looking at the length of text on a website, Google search results are now featuring more long-form results. In fact, content length is one of the major ranking factors for SEO, and many websites are consolidating content into fewer but longer pages. A word of caution however, whilst this may score higher in search results a potential customer may be switched off when faced with a wall of words with little to catch the eye.

Responsive Design

Keeping your website fluid and responsive is important to master if you want to rank on Google. Responsive design is an integral part of SEO, as website speed will influence a plethora of other factors and user behaviour indicators of whether your web page is good enough to be on the front page.

The number of mobile searches has gone up ever since web developers started implementing mobile-friendly design solutions. However, despite responsive design taking off, overall trends show that web pages are getting bigger and bigger.


GDPR has become a priority in web development over the last 6 months, front and back end security remain a top priority for all web development in 2019.

Header Design

There are a couple of simple rules to follow when deciding on an appropriate header design. If the primary action the user performs in a domain search then deliver a direct message – simple and efficient design.

Depending on your business, you might not need the standard “About Us”/” Services” structure for the header. If it doesn’t serve your brand identity or type of business, then don’t box yourself in these types of moulds.

Eye-Catching Design

Maybe the landing page copy should be the primary eye-catcher. You can still use the header as an auxiliary function. It can therefore just blend it in instead of being the first thing your eye is drawn to.

Whatever your design needs are, at Intent Marketing we specialise in designing the right website for your specific business need, and take the time to understand your business objectives, before proposing the right design for you.