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7 Content Marketing Tactics Every Business Should Steal

Online advertising campaigns are still effective, but the truth is they’re not as effective as content marketing. There are lots of great tactics you can use to create the kind of content that your followers want. If you handle it properly, the content you post on your website and social media can turn casual visitors into leads and leads into customers.

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What is Bounce Rate?

You’ve got a sleek website, and driving traffic to your site is not an issue. The problem lies in making your visitors interact with your website. A high bounce rate is an indication of the number of people who visit your website without interacting or taking an action.

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a great way for businesses of all sizes to reach their customers. It helps to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales and drive website traffic.

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Full vs Fixed Width Website Design

There are two prevalent models of laying out a website, the full width layout and the fixed box layout. This article discusses the pros and cons of each type of layout. Either one can be used to make a successful website layout, as long as you keep usability in mind.